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22 May

DAY 1 - Main stage

Opening keynote by Alar Karis, President of the Republic of Estonia

Panel discussion - Learning from the past, growing today, winning tomorrow

Keynote by Luukas Ilves: Digging into the EU’s digital tiger​​

Panel discussion: Accessing European Union digital markets​

Panel and discussion: Uncovering the potential of digital public infrastructure

Presentation and discussion: Transforming digital buzz to business success

Fireside chat: Investigating public-private cooperation in cybersecurity

Conclusion of the day 1​


DAY 1 - Parallel session

Thomas Giacoletto - Exploring EU’s tailored support for digital transformation

Practical panel discussion - Unleashing democracy with collaborative solutions

Practical discussion - Opening Pandora’s Wallet

Unveiling Estonia's digital renaissance

Practical discussion - Unlocking AI for digital public goods


23 May

DAY 2 - Main stage

Panel discussion: Switching on enlightened leadership

Keynote by Douglas Rutzen: Freeing human potential

Panel and discussion: Synergising digital and green transformations

Keynote and discussion: Revealing secrets in designing people-centric services

Flash interview: Sharing the stories of success

Panel presentation: Demonstrating the benefits of interoperability

Keynote by Dr. Jaan Aru: Unleashing the future of success

Closing dialog of Hannes Astok and Kristina Mänd


DAY 2 - Parallel session

Beginning the new era for Rio de Janeiro’s single platform with Mauro Farias

Practical discussion - Unbolting digital tools against crisis

Practical discussion – Part I: Pre-requisites of post-digital government

Practical discussion – Part II: The future of post-digital government


Interviews with expo participants

Meet eGA: Capacity building

Meet eGA: Whole of the Government approach

Meet Cybernetica

Meet CybExer Technologies

Meet Bytelife and CTF TECH

Meet Digital Nations

Meet Aktors

Meet BCS Digital Skills Academy

Meet Datel

Meet DEUCE project

Meet the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Meet Nortal

Meet NRD

Meet Proud Engineers

Meet State Government of the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Meet TYPO3

Meet Valid


Throwback movie of the 10th e-Governance Conference 2024