Sophie Guillain 

Sophie Guillain 

Environmental Participation Practitioner, Res publica, France

Before joining Res publica, Sophie held a number of consultancy positions in France and abroad. She worked as a consultant for EY environnement in Italy, for SOGREAH in Brazil, and carried out various assignments as an independent consultant.  

Sophie is currently Managing Director and Partner of Res publica. As an expert in stakeholder management and citizen participation, she coordinates teams and is responsible for complex strategic projects at both national and local level, particularly in the areas of sustainable development, transport, food and sports.  

In 2019 and 2020, she was notably involved in the design, organization and facilitation of the French Citizen Convention for Climate, gathering 150 citizens sorted throughout France. The goal was to make propositions aiming to lower gas emissions by 40% by 2030, while keeping social justice in mind.   

She also coordinated the general public participation strategy for the Paris 2024 Olympics Game candidacy, and is currently leading the strategy of associating the public to the ongoing Paris 2024 project.   

Finally, Sophie lead Res publica to design , a consultation platform to facilitate collective intelligence projects. Thanks to its various uses, Jenparle contributes to the amplification and success of fully digital or hybrid consultation processes.