Conference Conclusions: We found the keys to unlocking digital success. Thank you!

With the sun still shining brightly over here in Estonia, it is eGA’s Team here, echoing the message of Hannes Astok and Kristina Mänd from yesterday’s closing. A big, huge thank you to all participants – speakers, attendees, partner companies, supporters, conference production team – for making the 10th e-Governance Conference a real celebration!

Almost 500 of us from 67 countries in Tartu. 18 expo participants. 71 speakers from 5 continents, 20 different nations and 4 international organisations. It was a party, and a very good one.

Few things to unpack here, aside obviously from our suitcases, as we all safely make it home. But first, there is no post-conference buzz without photos. Take a look at all the pictures from two days and-a-half of Conference – there’s over 700 of them, so make sure to find yourself suited up for the occasion.


Coming together to celebrate digital success

Roaming through the halls and corridors of the Conference venue, the Estonian National Museum in Tartu, we could sense that everyone was there to have a good time. And that’s exactly the spirit we aimed for – a relaxed, easygoing atmosphere, taking a moment to listen and share.

It was a milestone event for us, as the e-Governance Conference reached its 10th edition. A decade of coming together to discuss and design digital transformation for the benefit of everyone, not just the tech-savvy.

Because indeed, digital success doesn’t come by chance – it stems from initiative, nudging and pushing, reaching out to partners and those around us to actively pursue a more digital, efficient, inclusive society. That can’t happen alone, no man or country is an island. We all make it possible when we understand the value of cooperation.


The many factors that turn potential into reality

Kristina Mänd, programme director of this year’s conference, said on stage that “digital success needs an ecosystem”. That ecosystem contains leadership, a mix of people, technology, governance, and a long-term vision.

Digital transformation, indeed, has to outlive conferences, agendas, terms, and tenures of high-level management. True leadership, in this sense, should be forward-looking and the leaders must focus on the embodiment of their leadership to guide digital changes effectively.

6 keynotes, 9 panels, and 9 parallel sessions pointed right in that direction:

  • Without skills and education, tech is just Developing and deploying expertise ensures that digital tools are used effectively for learning, problem-solving, innovation. From President of Estonia Alar Karis, to the very end of the conference, we all made sure to stress that all levels of society must be future-ready.
  • Collaboration is a daily practice. That’s why the 10th e-Governance Conference, on unlocking digital success, felt like a party. We all cherished the long way we came from, showcasing examples of digital transformation from 20 countries – learning from others, and then doing it our own way by adopting not copying.  As we know each context has its unique needs.
  • The push towards interoperability exemplifies that. Changemakers from all around the world highlighted how breaking down barriers and data silos never goes out of fashion. Thus, by making data interoperableand interactive we can empower service delivery and truly get the keys to a successful digital society.
  • Digital strategies must be tailored to local contexts. One size doesn’t fit all, and understanding each context’s unique needs ensures digital solutions are relevant and effective. 


Rewatch the most interesting discussions! 

The conference video stream is available for viewing or re-watch on the conference platform until 21 June. You can view all the sessions, visit the expo area, and get into contact with other participants, who will receive a notification e-mail. You can also find all the presentations on our website. (LINK presentationile)

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Adapt and interact, to change and prosper. And don’t forget to have fun along the way, as we did during these beautiful sunny days in Tartu, Estonia.

With hearts full of love, and minds bursting with curiosity, that’s it for this year from the e-Governance Academy team. Let’s keep change alive, together.

Join us again for #egov2025 on 27 – 29 May 2025 in Tallinn!